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Mell's Gardeners - The Simple Way to Get Garden Maintenance in Manchester

Need a simple service for highly efficient and wide ranging garden maintenance in Manchester?

You've come to the right place. This service will be delivered to you by a team of two trained professional gardeners. They'll come ready equipped with all of the top of the line tools they need. And they'll meet with you first to ensure that we'll be working to your precise list of things you want to get done in your outside space.

Simply pick up your phone and dial 020 3404 2323 whenever you want to book a service. Or, feel free to contact us online. However you do it, you'll be chatting to a knowledgeable adviser who'll be sure to set up your service at the most convenient time for you. Check out more details about this at the foot of the page...

Why Use Mell's Gardeners For Garden Care in Manchester?

  • Get any sort of garden maintenance you need taken care of quickly and easily
  • No hidden fees or additional charges - you only pay one clear rate which you'll be well aware of in advance
  • The best results achieved thanks to the highly trained gardeners who'll be carrying out your appointment
  • Get a no-obligation quote before your service actually starts - your team provide one onsite, and then are ready to commence immediately
  • Your choice of weekend, weekday, and Bank Holiday appointments
  • Your garden care in Manchester continues no matter the weather - we don't wait for rain

Your Order For Your Garden Maintenance Service in Manchester - Setting Up

Your garden maintenance service in Manchester will always follow your precise instructions for getting things done in your outside area. Take a look at how we'll set up your service below, but your initial phone call and onsite booking will let you list the tasks you want accomplished very clearly.

Other clients have asked us to help them with lawn mowing, weeding flowerbeds, pruning hedges, trimming bushes and shrubs, collecting leaves, and generally tidying up their outside space.

Remember, if you need improvement rather than maintenance, you can also use Mell's Gardeners for garden design and garden landscaping too. Simply follow the links to learn more!

Your Professional Gardening Services - The Easy Way to Book

When you book from other gardening companies, it can be difficult to match up the final price you pay with your initial quote. That will never happen with us - we always work in the same way so as to be able to give you a precise price for the service you need:

  1. You call and tell us where to start - we'll arrive on time, ready to begin
  2. You can get an approximate quote over the phone or online, but we'll confirm this after talking with you - and discussing your needs - in person
  3. Tell us you're happy with your quote, and we'll be able to get started on your professional gardening services right away
  4. Your team are fully equipped, so they'll be able to immediately commence your service - or leave without obligation if you're in any way not content!