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Mell's Gardeners - The Experts You Need For Garden Design in Manchester

Need to plan some landscaping work for your home or office garden? Use this handy service for garden design in Manchester to get your job planned down to the finest detail:

You'll meet with a professional onsite. Discuss your plans. And then receive an all-inclusive quote on the fully guaranteed garden improvement work we deliver, within three working days...

It's the safe and reliable way to beautify your outdoor space. Contact an expert on 020 3404 2323 now, or contact us online at your convenience. We're here to help you around the clock. Plus, there are more details about how your service will proceed at the base of this page.

Your Garden Planning from Mell's Gardeners in Manchester Comes With:

  • The tools, equipment, and expertise needed to get all kinds of garden improvements accomplished quickly easily
  • Get free advice or guidance through your onsite viewing - it's the easy way to let us know precisely what you need during your service
  • The skilled experts you need to get your garden planning in Manchester done to the highest standards, every time
  • One upfront cost - with no hidden charges possible - within three working days of your initial consult
  • Booking slots available every day of the week and at the weekend, starting in the early morning and lasting until the evening
  • Rain and wind won't stop your specialists from working - unlike many gardening companies, weather isn't an issue for us

What Your Garden Design Service in Manchester Can Include

This garden design service in Manchester is very flexible, and can include a wide variety of different tasks depending on your needs and requirements. In the past, our other customers have asked us to:

  • Build water features or ponds
  • Install fences or decking
  • Redesign a space for better light, or more efficient entertaining
  • Level ground or prepare a space for other work
  • Build a path or walkway
  • And much more!

Plus of course, Mell's Gardeners offer full garden maintenance and general garden clean up services if you need to maintain your outside space rather than fit new improvements.

How to Book Your Professional Garden Designers

Here's how our booking process works:

  1. Call to book your service and meet a team at your address whenever's most convenient for you
  2. You'll get an onsite meeting with your team of two professional landscape gardeners - they'll advise you on your plans if requested
  3. Within three working days of this appointment you'll be sent your all-inclusive quote
  4. Once you've told us you're happy with your quote, we'll finalise your appointment time

Remember that the quote you get from us is all-inclusive and final once you've had your onsite viewing. Because we've taken all of the measurements we'll need to, it will always be 100% accurate.